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With the vast array of electronic payment needs being presented in a consistently changing atmosphere, it is of the utmost importance to utilize solutions that will meet your unique demands while not over complicating your business process.

We have taken the time to understand your specific needs, master your expectations, and overcome any obstacles you may have presented in regards to merchant services solutions. We aim to please, and we aim VERY high.


Chamber of St. Matthews

The Chamber of St. Matthews is a proud partner with JadaPay. JP Davis and his staff have helped our Chamber streamline our credit card processing internally and our processing at events. I continue to recommend JadaPay to our over 800 members and to any businesses looking for a better understanding of typically confusing credit card processing fees but most importantly how JadaPay can help their business, like ours, keep more of their money earned through the convenience of offering credit card transactions.


Gist Piano Center
JP and his staff have been wonderful to work with. Anytime we need anything at all they are right there with it in no time at all, supplies, answers to questions, you name it. Their customer service has been amazing, and everything on the hardware side has been totally trouble free. When I have a batch question I call the 800 number and they always figure it out. I highly recommend JadaPay!

-Jeff C



GrayStone CrossFit and Human Performance
This company and the folks that run it are amazing people. They believe in providing the best product to their clients, and will bend over backwards to support them. Love these guys!!!

-Adam Smith

Gold Coast Scuba
JP and the staff are absolutely amazing, we own two businesses with two different needs and clientele, and therefor have different products for both and we are very glad that he is able to cater to us. They are up with the “times” as technology that customers use.

-Liz, Owner of Gold Coast Scuba

Active heroes
JP and his team is great to work with. He is committed to finding ways to save his clients money and provide optimal solutions to meet their needs. He is honest, trustworthy, and never tries to sell something that is is unwanted or unneeded. JadaPay has been a great partner in our organization’s operations.


Neal Bland Owner of Gentrys - Harned, KY

JP and his people have been nothing short of awesome. They’ve delivered in every promise. They’ve been there for service when we needed it. They’ve worked with their party developers on our behalf. I can not recommend them enough. 

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