With JadaPay and Clover Flex in your corner, you’re ready for whatever business throws at you from day one. Out of the box, it offers swipe, EMV chip and contactless payments. And it gets better from there. (Small In Stature Only.) The Clover Mini is as powerful as it is sleek—and the lightweight footprint won’t hog your counter space, or any workspace for that matter. (Hardware That Scales.) Want a basic terminal? Maybe something that gives you more options? The Mini can do both. Just add more POS components and capabilities as needed. (Software That Multitasks.) Customize your Clover Flex with do-it-all apps for accounting, inventory, marketing, gift cards and whatever else your business needs. (Safety First.) Protect your business and your customer data with end-to-end encryption, data tokenization, and hardware designed for a single purpose, payments.
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