Electronic payment processing is the core of why JadaPay was founded. Our true commitment to engage our customers with the best overall cost-effective rates has allowed for our company to be the answer for so many different types of businesses across countless industries. With over 25 years of collective knowledge in the processing realm, we strive to not only be the best processor for your business but the most knowledgeable as well. Partnering with JadaPay for your processing needs will ensure that your business is getting the best rates, best products and best overall relationship backed by award-winning customer service.


All of our FREE terminals:

★  EMV Compliant (chip cards)

★  Can process NFC payments (Google Pay, Apple Pay, etc)

★  Can operate via Dial, IP (internet) and/or wireless

★  Can bet set to accept (if applicable) tips and/or PIN debit

Interested in check guarantee? Fleet Cards (Buypass, Wright Express, Voyager)? EBT? We have the ability to run all these services on ONE machine.

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