Financial Institutions, Banks, and Credit Unions

JadaPay partners with financial institutions to offer electronic payment processing services for existing and potential clients. Customers benefit from fast, reliable credit card processing and JadaPay 24/7 customer service, while our financial partners benefit through an added revenue stream and a dedicated partner who shares the same values of cost effective rates backed by local, direct service.

By partnering with JadaPay, your financial institution can provide clients with a complete range of electronic processing services, including:

  • Credit, debit, fleet, and EBT card processing (all on one terminal)
  • Pay-at-the-pump processing
  • Electronic check service with guarantee
  • Wireless, internet, mobile and dial processing
  • PCI assistance
  • ATM Placement, service and sales
  • Variety of POS Solutions, Custom E-Commerce Gateways, etc.
  • Electronic gift cards
  • 24/7 in-house customer service; Local “on-location” field techs and sales reps
  • Next-day funding availability
  • Phone card service

Partner Benefits

JadaPay partners can create or expand a complete merchant services program, allowing our partners to develop an on-going and increasing residual income stream with minimal risk or expense. As your partner, you can expect JadaPay to be actively involved in creating, administering, and servicing your program. In additional, our history and knowledge of the electronic payment industry has allowed JadaPay to process in some niche markets that allow your financial institution to have strong foundations of expertise knowledge when pursuing accounts in these niche markets. From grocery and C-Store to fuel stations and hotels, JadaPay portfolio is so diverse that our current customers’ needs will aid the benefit of the financial institution by offering product knowledge, policy requirements, and timely responses.

JadaPay will handle the merchant account underwriting, boarding, installation and continued maintenance and customer service of the account. JadaPay manages all the details while you enjoy the benefits including:

  • A comprehensive merchant program capable of processing credit, debit and all major card types
  • Monthly residual income
  • No competition with existing services
  • Minimal time requirements for program and account management
  • Assistance with sales and marketing efforts
  • No liability or risk
  • Competitive pricing allowing you to attract new clients
  • Strengthened banking relationships
  • Assistance in managing account relationships
  • Value-added service for customer acquisition and retention

The best solutions are often the simplest. By partnering with JadaPay, you will never have to deal with time-consuming problems like software or hardware integration, security, telephone or communication lines, and the constant changes in payment industry practices. You will be able to focus your time and energy on finding new customers.

With JadaPay as your partner, that job will be easier. We provide co-branded marketing materials to you at little or no cost, as well as mutually agreed upon incentive programs for your employees. Once you refer a prospective customer, JadaPay handle the sales process, implementation, training and ongoing customer support for the life of the account. JadaPay is your turnkey merchant services partner for the long-haul.

Customer Benefits

JadaPay merchant services program not only makes your job easier, but also offers your customer one source for all their banking and payment processing needs while saving them money in the process. You will have a happy customer with JadaPays’ in-house customer service, available 24/7, 365 days a year. When the call us, we answer the phone. Simple. Need help after hours or on the weekends. All our customers have access to the local sales/tech office 24/7/365; Just call us and we will handle the problem. If it is equipment related issue or connection, we have equipment available to ensure that their “down time” is minimal (if at all).

JadaPay understands that payment processing is one of the top expenses for most businesses. Through our years of experience working with companies and financial institutions, we know how to structure a program that provides each merchant with the lowest possible rates – potentially saving hundreds, or even thousands of dollars in processing fees while adding true value to the bottom line through innovative processing solutions and products.

Our Partnership

As your dedicated partner, JadaPay understands that this is a program to benefit your clients. JadaPay works with you to develop and implement a marketing plan as well as administer the program to your clients. Your employees simply offer a free analysis of credit card processing fees to your commercial and business customers, and refer the interested prospects to JadaPay. You receive an additional, ongoing revenue stream from each new account sold. Once the referral select our service, JadaPay will maintain the account for your institution for life of business.

Performance and Accountability

JadaPay provides access to a portfolio management system, referred to as customer dashboard, that provides full tracking and reporting on both new applicants and existing accounts, as well as performance of bank referrals by branch and by employee. This system will allow the managing partner (or whomever needs access) to see the application status, commission tracking, PCI compliance status, application status, and referrals by branch, department and/or employee.

Getting Started with JadaPay

Our financial institution partnership is easy, reliable, and dedicated. In addition, it is turn-key in that your institution will see immediate results from our partnering services. From local, direct based service to niche market implementations to cost-effective rate plans, we strive to ensure that your customers have the best available service, always. This creates positive processing avenues for all involved and furthers your offerings to your clientele.


Let’s discuss how a partnership with JadaPay can benefit you. To get started, call us at 502-533-5929 or email us .

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