With the introduction of smartphones and tablets galore, mobile payment processing has become a standard amongst business owners today. With processing platforms like Paypal and Square, more and more business owners are turning to mobile processing to cut down on presumed costs and further enable their business to be on the upward swing in regards to processing mobility.

JadaPay has met this demand with a vast array of mobile processing applications ranging from basic swiper devices for your smartphone/tablet device to fully integrated mobile POS systems that include inventory, back end reconciliation and robust analytics.

Swipe Simple, Clover POS (Clover Go, Clover Mobile), and Roam Pay are just a sample of the products that JadaPay has at it’s disposal in meeting your mobile processing needs. Couple that with best in class processing and you can quickly see that a relationship with JadaPay will not only meet the needs of your business but save your business precious dollars when it comes to impacting the bottom line.

Please contact us today so that we can discuss solutions for your processing needs.  Just give us a chance….. all we need is one!

See the difference between JadaPay and the others (Square/Paypal/etc);


Swiped rate:                          1.39% (others charge 2.75%)


Typed/Manual rate:             2.89% (others charge 3.50%)


Next day funding with JadaPay, direct customer service, and great rates!

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