There are six things every business owner should be doing in 2020 to help them be more efficient and help their bottom line in 2020:

1. Check your statement for a NON COMPLIANCE fee. This ranges from $19-29 usually but some companies charge upwards of $100. If your company is charging more than $29 call JadaPay right away.

2. Check your statement for a breach in the coverage plan. This is extra padding for the processing company that values their bottom line over yours.

3. Check your statement for the CLOVER SECURITY fee. Often times you are being charged for this without having it even in the plan you signed up for.

4. Do your customers pay you at the counter or check out? Does your terminal/equipment allow for your customers to enter their pin #? If not you could be losing thousands a year.

5. Are you processing your credit cards over a phone line or an internet/IP line? The connection type can make a difference in your costs.

6. When is the last time you did a cost analysis? You should be looking at these rates at a bare minimum..  every 6 months.

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